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Niman Ranch Beef - Benefits for its Affiliates

Niman Ranch Beef gets its top-notch products from top-notch ranchers and farmers throughout the Pacific Northwest and Midwest regions. Niman Ranch is able to form partnerships with ranchers and farmers in these regions because of the benefits it offers to all of them. The most important benefit selling meat and other products to Niman Ranch is that the company is a stable and reliable buyer. We provide all of our affiliates a steady demand for their products because we in turn supply 7,500 natural grocers and restaurants on the West Coast and nationwide. We supply such popular restaurants as Chipotle and some ubiquitous grocery stores such as Whole Foods. This is how we ensure our farmers and ranchers have a reliable buyer for their hard-earned products.

Niman Ranch Beef makes it easy for rancher to raise their livestock with our feed company contacts that sell Niman Ranch-approved 100% vegetarian feed for cattle. We have a proven track record of excellence within the farming community, and our products are known for their quality. Our representatives are committed to the wellbeing of our ranchers because it is only with them that we succeed. Our company values include honesty, integrity, trust, and fairness, which we extend to all of our affiliates at every level.

Niman Ranch Beef may have stringent standards when it comes to sustainability and the humane treatment of animals. All of our affiliates have to undergo rigorous inspections and continuously rising standards, but once they are in the organization, we take care of our ranchers and farmers.

Niman Ranch Beef - Enforcing Strict Protocols

Niman Ranch Beef is a company based in San Francisco that sells meat and other products to clients across the country. They supply the meat to companies such as Chipotle and others. Their clients choose Niman Ranch Beef because Niman Ranch has devoted themselves to the humane treatment of all of the animals raised at their affiliated ranches, mostly in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest. In addition to enforcing strict animal welfare protocols on all of their partners’ ranches, Niman Ranch ensures that their affiliates adhere to strict environmental standards as well. Niman Ranch Beef products area always all-natural with no antibiotics, hormones, and meat products in the livestock feed. Research suggests that meat from unstressed animals untreated with hormones and antibiotics is much healthier and carries much less risk of sickening consumers than other meat.

Part of the humane animal treatment protocols include a required space where livestock can live outside, and in accordance with their natural social structure. Most animals live their whole lives with their littermates and their families in a free-range pasture. They are given nutritious, all-natural, all-vegetarian feed, leading to better strength and overall health. Niman Ranch Beef is the gold standard for the humane treatment of cattle and all other animals on their network of farms. These standards are in place to ensure that all of the products sold under the Niman Ranch name have the same high quality worthy of Niman Ranch’s endorsement. The many restaurant chains and food manufacturers that buy from Niman Ranch can vouch for Niman Ranch’s quality.

Niman Ranch Beef - Consultation with Dr. Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin is a leader in her field of animal welfare research. She is widely noted for her work researching the links between meat quality and stress in livestock. When she isn’t traveling across the country speaking at various events, she sometimes consults with companies to improve their animal treatment and speaks about the importance of animal welfare on food production sites such as slaughterhouses. She has worked closely with Niman Ranch Beef for years to develop a set of animal welfare codes that are now standard across our network of ranches.

With the help of Dr. Grandin’s distinguished consultation, Niman Ranch Beef instituted standardized animal handling regulations to keep meat safe for consumers and to keep our treatment of animals above reproach from animal rights activists, and to ensure that the animals in the care of our affiliated ranchers live full, healthy, happy lives. The overall benefits of happy livestock far outweigh the downsides, and their wellbeing is important to the business of our affiliates and Niman Ranch as a whole.

All animals in the Niman Ranch Beef network are raised outdoors in places where they fit in to the natural ecosystem the best. They have constant access to food and water whenever they want it, they spend their lives in their natural social groups and with their littermates, and they live entirely outdoors or in deeply bedded and comfortable pens, which are thoroughly cleaned regularly. Niman Ranch Beef believes that the fair treatment of animals prevents disease and gives the company and its ranchers a solid moral foundation.